Food and Eateries at Mt Glorious

Mt Glorious Village has the wonderful Mount Glorious Cafe directly on the main road in the middle of the small community – the choice of many visitors to the area, and famous to the bike community. The fare here has a great reputation; this venue has always been really well patronised for decades; a fabulous spot to enjoy a meal or a coffee! 

At Maiala National Park and the Summerset Lookout farther north west of the Village you will also find barbeque areas. Continuing further across the range you will come down the steep western side of the mountain through the Northbrook Parkway where Red and White Cedar recreational areas also offer barbeque and toilet facilities. None of these roads are suitable for caravans or larger buses and trucks, they are scenic however the actual road surface has deteriorated considerably over the past five years. You will know when you reach the western side of the mountain as the council area changes. This is denoted by poor road repairs and little interest in managing this scenic route; which is extremely unfortunate.

If you are traveling slower than the speed limit, please pull over and let the other road users past. This is a common courtesy that the local mountain dwellers always observe!

View from Mount Glorious Looking East

See panorama below what a view!!!